Thursday, 31 December 2009

bye 2009..

It really has been a big year. I moved to Blackburn and has a wonderful time, then moved to London and now I'm all oldish and doing a degree and i'm meant to be publishing magazines for the rest of my life, i'm quite contented with that. I've bought too many cameras and made so many new good friends who make my life a little bit more delightful everyday.
Christmas has been and gone and I've seen many a nice old face, which has made me smile millions.
As for new years resolutions, I'm going to start writting and taking pictures more, budgeting (necissary!) and be nicer to people. This means i'll have to be less grumpy and include money for the homeless in my new budget.
I'm really excited for tonight because I'm going to a pop star themed party, a bottle of wine and being around my favorite gingers (well, two of them, ones in a Geordie) will be an excellent way to kick start oh tenny.

This is my favorite song at the moment..

and this is my favorite things to drink
vimto Pictures, Images and Photos
the man in pop boutique told me it was made by accident in manchester, i believe him.

Saturday, 26 December 2009

stars in your eyes

if i ever meet shaun ryder i hope its not as much as a dissapointment as when i met bez!

Sunday, 20 December 2009

i'm gunna explode.

best film i've ever seen..

ten free coronas, and won a raffle for a night in any radisson edward hotel in london.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Left this a bit late like..

I would like to tell the whole bloggers world about Haloween 2009.
It was all about preperation involving paint our faces with watercolours in a Zombie fashion, nipping to the boozer across the road for snacks and loo roll, visiting the cashpoint and ringing and ringing and ringing the party line.
At about half eleven one of us lucky buggars got through, we all jumped into three taxis and made our way to a carpet warehouse in Worsley.
I wasn't sure what it was going to be like to be perfectly honest, but as soon as I stepped under the metal shutters, I knew I was in for a proper treat.
People were stood all over the shop, on platforms touching the ceiling, steps, and I even saw some lads on top of a cloth covering some metal, which I can only guess they had convinced themselves it was a trampoline.
Blasting out the best of dub you wouldn't think it could better then being around all your friends up in the air like kites. That was until a cheeky little Ska band came on. I still don't know their name, but 'Guns of Brixton' which they changed to 'Guns of Manchester' I can safely say at the time made us the happiest people alive, despite the fact it completely doesn't fit, they had the spirit of the North.
The police were crashing the metal shutters to the Clash's 'WHEN THEY KICK AT YOUR FRONT DOOR, HOW YOU GONNA COME?' and we were on top of the world.
Then the police really did kick, and it got shut down, but it was a peaceful and lovely way to go, well what we thought, until we actually realised we were in Worsely, somewhere none of us know at five/six in the morning in the pouring rain. After a few hours of hailing taxis, we ended up in Sally's lovely and warm halls with broomsticks and other attire we had gathered on our little life journey.

Here's some videos

and these two did a much better job, certainly worth a read.

Friday, 20 November 2009

Penwortham: the Beirut of Preston?

This is hilarious.
Who would've thought it ey?
Totally blown out of proportion, I mean Penwortham, 'war town' with 'unruly teenagers..'

I think not.

Friday, 6 November 2009

the smallest things make me

happy. primrose hill, wrapping up warm, chippy tea, mittens, phonecalls, postcards from my best friends, any post intact, familiar accents, chucky eggs for breakfast, cuddles, my adventures with the h's, getting knocks on my door from flo, keycom, the window being my new telly, silly jokes. blahblahblah.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009


Roger Hiorns made a derelict flat in Elephant & Castle (close to my new university) into a crystal haven. Roger is nominated for this years Turner prize. Me and my wonderful flat mate Caspar went to take a visit, expecting it to be similar to this, but I can only say I was petrified by his sculptures formed with materials mixed with brain matter. oh gosh.

Saturday, 10 October 2009


Dinosaur Food Pictures, Images and Photos

'Fianna Foofie Hornby
i like fish more i think. you like coffee thats been shat out by a cat'

'Polly Sleptwitha Salmon
Civit for fucks sake go back to fucking Blackburn and listen to techno'

Friday, 9 October 2009

top five things about the natural history museum.

1. the shadows on the walls from all the bones
2. swipe your card and come back to look at it later at home
3. the dinosaur at the front
4. all the stuffed foxes
5. paint your own mini garden in the gift shop

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

top five

things of today
1. fish jokes
2. typography
3. rough trade pictures
4. polly's piano gloves
5. bon iver.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

I'm glad I spent it with you..

The Royal Park, Sangria, Boots meal deals, Crows, weather like the hottest day of summer all the time, Tate Britain chatty chats.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

1982 was a really long time ago.

A distant shore is still really good.

'A Distant Shore is Tracey Thorn's first solo album, released in 1982. Recorded by Pat Hermingham for just £138, the album reached number two in the UK Indie Chart in 1983. All songs on the album were written by Thorn, except "Femme Fatale" – a cover version of the Velvet Underground song.'

Seeing as all the songs are hers, minus one VELVET UNDERGROUND SONG, it is obviously going to please.

My father told me she fell in love and didn't make much else.

When I first listened to her, I felt she didn't have a special voice, but it manages to sound beautiful, very beautiful.

I really quite like you..

All that jazzz..

I'm moving away on Sunday, yes Sunday.
To the capital city London.

During preperation for moving away, I have spent time with my father. I really like my father. We have a new white room in our house. It holds three vinyl players, a superlambbanana, many books and many vinyls.

Last night over white wine and such me and my father got jazzy.
People my age don't really listen to jazz enough.
Here's a nice clipit..

Lee Morgan.

I'll miss Blackburn very much.

Monday, 24 August 2009

One night in October....

Well the 22nd of August to be precise. Me and mon amis made a little trip to Franky's bar in Darwen (who's Franky?) to see the lovely Little Comets, along with support from Blackburn's favorites Cassini Club and Down In Paris.

Cassini Club arrived to the crowd, generally fueled from £1.40 pink sambuca and lemonades at about nine o'clock and everyone had a little boogie to their collection of tunes made to make everyone fancy going to the disco. They ended on their cracking new 'un 'The Future of You & I' and despite very recently getting a new drummer kept it on top form!


Soon after came the Down in Paris lads. From the perspective of a band i've seen a fair few times, they just keep getting better and better, giving all they've got everytime, and with the help of lead singers cheeky comments, they sure got the crowd up and going ready for Little Comets themselves.


Shortly after followed Searching For Seraphim, another band of boys from my hometown Blackburn. Unfortunatly, this time I missed them as I was most probably getting carried away with the sambucas. However they have it together with gigs in various towns in Lancashire and I've also been informed the capital. With support slots in the past including Tom Hingley and Sergeant they are surely worth checking out.

With all their attire set about the stage..

including tamborines and some strange form of hanging maraca's attatched to the ceiling with ropes, the band set off getting everyone up and having a giggle. My personal favorite was 'Dancing Song' which certainly fulfilled the promise of its title. With the girls at the front doing little moves and the boys going sick behind us, the surrounding crowd sure got their moves out too which made everyone lovely and happy.

I'd sure reccomend all three bands to anyone& everyone! Viva la Blackburn.

All photos are curtosy of the lovely Rebecca Morris.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

'friends' these days

the web 2.0 generation tickled my tummy today with a facebook message off someone i completely don't know.

i am abednago blay
If you miss or fail,
I'll be your friend.
When you need some time to heal,
I'll be your friend.'

if someone said this to you in the street, you'd be fair confused!
maybe its a new direction for Christians contacting people?
i'll never know

Saturday, 18 July 2009

On second thoughts I'd rather hang around and be there with my best friend if she wants me....

Here goes, aload of works of art by my beloved.
You can find her here
in Dirt magazine, Seattle
in her garage making things beautiful, as always.


Thankyou for simply never giving up on me.

Fizz McDonald

In Manchester today, I saw Fizz from Corination Street in Spar. Last week, before I went to see 'Looking For Eric' (brilliant film by the way..) I saw Liz McDonald from Corination Street.
I don't even watch television really, and its quite irrelivant, but still fairly amusing.
My boyfriend loves corrie, I'm sure he's jelous..
Its good to be Northern sometimes.

Friday, 17 July 2009

London > Brighton

I watched this film about three days ago.
To be honest, I was slightly petrified that things like this are real.
It's just a film, it's just a film, it's just a film.

Thursday, 9 July 2009


There's a strange man whom arrives on the bus everyday,

he bears his Mercers bag tight to his belly to prove he's from The Burn.

His wife telephones, he loudly announces 'be back soon!'

..Perhaps this is he only time he comes out of the town?

Sunday, 5 July 2009

could be sleeping, i could be dreaming..

last night i found out that one of the members from my favorite band, Belle& Sebastian, is infact from my town!
magic is all i can say.
Sarah, the violinist is
'MOST LIKELY TO: Bring you back a present. Have everyone back to hers’. Possess the ingredients for a Long Island Ice Tea, or Absinthe if you prefer. Exceed her baggage allowance (on the Return journey). Suggest we all go for burritos. Be spotted in Ikea. Watch 3 series’ of The Sopranos in one sitting. Listen to american indie bands. Give you a lift somewhere completely the other direction from where she was going. Fawn over a dog. Go to Sweden. Suck her thumb.'

all i can say is, i wished i had kept up those violin lessons i started in year seven.

Sunday, 21 June 2009


Write to me everyday for ten years.
Promise. No don't promise.
You'll break it. Write to me everyday for ten years.
Think about me for ten whole minutes, all joined together.
Joined with smiles and or tears.
Write to me everyday for ten years.
I'm regretting this already.

la lune..

When I open my eyes
I can see the moon and another mysterious light
when I close them I can see you.
If I close them for long enough
I feel like I'm sleeping.
A place
where I don't have to pretend.


Monday, 15 June 2009

matelot ma vie..

My French cousin watched this everyday when she came to visit in 2006.
I forgot about it, now I'm attactched to it.

Friday, 12 June 2009

how dearly i'd love to get carried away

it's all about late night and early morning texts, being with you all everyday, finding the toastie machine, minty goodness, playing music too loud in the day time, and not getting up really ever.


Friday, 5 June 2009

You were lost, as was I but now I've found you and we can carry on.

Reach for the unreachable,
Live your life on the verge of tears,
Come and dwell with me
and we will find and idea that nobody will be able to take away from us!

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

All I can say is, oh dear.

he was really good when me and sally saw him too.


Sunday, 31 May 2009

Don't worry about me, the grasses are green here.

I'm starting this


so when the I see the beautiful ones, they'll have something to do.

I am really looking forward to the 21st of September.

Another sunny day

well the last few weeks have been utterly delightful to say the least.
The blue skies and sun make me really really happy.
Last night was proper wonderful.
Finding you are wearing the same clothes as the lead singer, certainly gets you far in free beer terms.

Monday, 18 May 2009

boy with a thorn in his side

this ones a special one for declan kinney.
the only man i know who likes REAL ales and can carry off standing on a table shouting 'INDIE!'
what a wonderful chappy.
he's famous with the courteeners you know...


A poor, beautiful, and talented young girl who he falls in love with. Her love for him compromises her ability to act, as her experience of true love in life makes her realize the falseness of affecting emotions onstage.

Classic English disease of when England was once great..

mon amis Jakemade this film about the curious tragedy surrounding Richey James Edwards whom went missing in 1995.
I really like it, you may to.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Dear SoKo

sorry I forgot about you, you have a nice voice.

Yours sincerely
Fianna Hornby

Tuesday, 12 May 2009


hope my heart goes first.

I like my best friend a terrible amount.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Dear Student Finance,

I really don't like you.
thanks for ruining my evening.

Yours sincerely,
Fianna Hornby.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009


my father found these pictures from when he went to glasto
at housmans bookshop.

i really like my dad.

Friday, 1 May 2009

One of my first memorys

me and my daddy dancing round to this.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Alex James is my favorite pop star.


cheese farm, goldsmiths, debbie harry, cobain, love, jagermeister, camel, second hand clothes.

I begged

for a wax seal and now I have one.
It has a quill and a feather on the stamp.
an utter delight!
it is my eighteenth birthday on thursday, i am mega excited.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

someone please

someone buy me an owl.

it's my birthday next thursday so then would be good.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

As the day dawns

It is my grandad&Eileen's wedding tomorrow, the day I get a 'new grandma'
I'm really looking forward to it I hope the sun stays out and the rain runs away
and nothing messes up.
We picked up the hair flowers and they are beau and I am just putting the finishing touches to the wedding favors I have been making.
One of the best bits is my chinese uncle (pretend uncle) Eddie Woo is down from London and we got all excited.

Monday, 13 April 2009

I wish

I was Amelie Poulain.

My grandfather is getting married on Thursday and I am ever so excited.
The wife to be Eileen is kind and sweet.
We had a practice today and I have to walk her down, possibly the biggest isle in Lancashire.
We are all matching (the two other bridesmaids, my sister Aimee and cousin Dominique with dresses and curls and pearles and flowers in our hair.
I repeat I am ever so excited.

I am utterly contented and these last few days have been a delight.
Sally& I have pretended to be students and had ultimate best friend temps. We went in the woods with lizards in bags then visited Jacob and I found the neighbour watch in house scheme. 'Da boizzz' came over and we all had a lovely kitchen banter time with me and Jacob reminicing about Tony's disco.
The next day I visited my mother and got a huge easter egg with three boxes of chocolates, and visited my old work, that left me heartbroken when I was unfairly dismissed in summer. My boss was polite but semi insulted me over my choice of university.
Father gave me a HUGEEEEE easter egg and I was like this :)
'You can't go to bed no one can play you tunes like this!!' He is one of my favorite people ever.
Next day lead to sally coming over and us making things in bowls and Jacob and his brother and lead to a veggie BBQ with a lot of Beatles and Kinks being played.
Then off to beats, which was a curfufle but excellent excellent after a visit to warehouse I danced danced danced and was ever so contented.
I found a lot of nice people there.
Over all I am contented.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

God help the girl!

I am ever so excited.
It's different but still ever so nice. This maybe means a tour?

two, maybe three characters for a band of a musical narrative.

I told you to be patient, and I told you to be kind

this song is ever so beautiful.
it makes me want campfires and cuddles and things.

get me away from here i'm dying

sing me a song to set me free,
no body writes them like they used to so it may as well be me.

i am waiting for sally, she is taking a very, very long time.
we are going to go on an adventure and loose our selves then find out selves again.
i hope i don't see anymore my clothes don't match.

Sunday, 5 April 2009


I just had a flash back from 'Dub up Norf' last night and I thought my house was shaking like the doors of the cellar.
oh dear.
what a fantastic evening.

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

My media teacher would like me

to include this
"Yeah I'll tell you what you can do with your eye-teeth and your job, you can take the mail and the frankin machine and all that other rubbish I have to go about with and you can stuff them right up your arse!"

in an 'intellectual' A2 final media coursework.

Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away.

Leeds festival 2009 tickets came out yesterday.
Despite me now having aproximatly £3 to my name for the time being, I am a ticketholder, therefore I am pleased.

At this moment in time I am really excited about seeing;
Jamie T, Ian Brown, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, White Lies and last but not least RADIOHEAD!

Me&Missa are already making plans of what to bring in terms of goodies etc and bags of wine seem vital.
Yes kids, its all about the music.

As an outcome of my excitement, I failed to sleep. Unfortunatly, I slept all day till 12.00 and then woke up effing and blinding at the fact I had blatently slept through two alarms and missed two lessons therefore free money for the week!

I thought this only happened in pretend, now I know it's real.

Sunday, 29 March 2009

i'm going to

buy a camera that actually works thanks.
and doesn't look lovely but cost £29 for a pack of 30 pictures.

it's a plan.

I live on the right side, I sleep on the left,

This is a picture of Harry McVeigh I took the first time I ever went to see White lies on the 10th of December 2008. They were excellent.

When I was little I though I would be,


A writer?
Or a sailor?
I'm not sure.

Saturday, 28 March 2009

I stand corrected,

the title for the bellow was incorrect.
Its not the saddest book I have ever read, and it doesn't always make me cry.
Perhaps the title 'Wrapped up in books' would have been more fitting.


This is the saddest book I have ever read, and it simply does always make me cry.

It's the saddest book you've ever read it always makes your cry..


This is my favorite book.
It is currently on loan to my good friend Ainsley,
but it is my favorite book.
We met once through my friends Daniel&Christoper, who by chance I met at the Mad Ferret.
It's a really nice story in fact. I said 'Oh Sally [the best friend] I want to go home & listen to Belle&Sebastian[music that was loud that I was not fond of was echoing in the background], a boy turned round and said 'Belle&Sebastian.. they are nice to listen to them, I went to see them with my mum.
It turned out to my jealousy he had been you the 'If You're Feeling Sinister' tour.
I really wished I had seen them, or they would go on tour soon.
Anyway now I accidentally moved to the same town (long story) and we are good friends.

It tells you not just about the band, but about their influences, and the growth of music as a whole. It includes information about Nirvana, The Smiths, The Velvet Underground and minimal techno.
About Stuart Murdoch's sad but beautiful life. About how he was trapped in four walls as a sufferer of M.E and how this lead to his exploration of music and skywriting.
He once wrote a story inspired by a French children's television programme about a boy named Sebastian and a girl named Belle.
Later at one of the first parties he attended after his dianosis, a new years eve party, he met a girl named Isabelle.
It was clearly fate. He became fixated with her, and wrote letters to his brother (whom knew not of the story, an artistic secret of course) and told him how he thought it was meant to be.
Murdoch was booked in to make a single on his own, however he gathered some friends from the past, and this new muse Isabelle and made 'Tigermilk' in only four days.
I think it is certainly worth a read, even if you do not know the band, it is simply magic.

if a a book could give you butterfly's, its would be this one for me.

Friday, 27 March 2009

Promise me

you'll never forget me.

thank you.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

in addition.

I aplogise for everyone who has had to put up with 'Cool For Cats' the last few days.

plastic nails and plastic costumes.

Today was a perculiar day spent with my cousin, Dominique. It was nice but perculiar, I dabbled in girly things like watching her get her false nails done and tried to imagine what I would infact look like with these on. Just a thought, I'm not going for it.
We went to darwen and I have never been there before and we searched round a fancy dress shop and I also met a girl who seemingly knows everyone I know(she was charming!)
I had a wonderfully long phone conversation revolving around whats going wrong with the world and amusing tales.

The best part of today was when I purchased a 'Cheeky Shake' from a new milkshake shop in town. It had love hearts in it.

Monday, 23 March 2009



this man was beautiful and now he's not anymore.

Blanche DeBois

Everything is seemingly more tragic than usual. Not on a world scale atall obviously, so I suppose its rather selfish to say, oh dear.

Short term things are good.
I am rather confused to why my media studies lessons result in talking about heroin and the mafia and other things everytime. However they remain rather interesting.
I want to create things that are beautiful for everyone to see.
Yes, I shall try.
Toastie time now, over&outoutout.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009


I was in a play today.
It went well.
'I've takkeeeennnnn ittt.'
even did a small sing song.
I thought it was wonderful how as actors we all managed to pull our instincts together and make this work.
Thanks Don Quitoxe, we made you wierd.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

je suis un rock star.

well, not really.
I have sucessfully managed to perseude my grandfather to allow me and my sister and my cousin
to wear matching dresses and flowers in our hair, when we are bridesmaids on the 15th of April.
How delightful.
Despite my hungover dress fitting with ISA's and too many g&t's, I think i am fit to 'give' Eileen away.
All I have to do now, is try and wiggle my way out of getting gel nails.. and toes.
Yes toes, people do gel toes.
What is they world coming to?

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

My thinking place,

has seemingly been thrown in the skip by my mother.
what a disaster.

Stop sounding sinister..

I should refrain from using the words 'I have had all my hair cut off'
Also I shall refrain from saying 'Yes, my best friend cut all my hair off'
that phrase is maybe worse on the best friend front.

Monday, 19 January 2009

snow is falling

oh how very excited I am.
I rather wish I was Missa
so we could go outside& dance a little while
like last time
only the snow is really much improved

I feel like I am from 1994 today
The cold weather calls for many a cup of tea

Saturday, 10 January 2009


I am being forced into applying for a provisional.
This means disaster ahead
beware citizens.
Coordination was never on my side.

I am growing fond of being a commuter.

Thursday, 8 January 2009

oh deer..

Following the recent 'messy 09' disasters I have learnt to split my time between more things.
The disapointment of missing the bus, then walking to the train station, then missing the train, then missing a bus just outside the train station, then actually getting on the bus and getting told off for being late was much better when at 12.15pm I came across Dan Cullen.
Then Jordan Chew, oh how delightful that was! It is nice seeing people you really like, it really is.
It was off to Bruccianis for us, beverages where consumed etc, Mr Cullen got a shady look for the amount of free biscuits he stole and I pondered for a while what Mr Chew's butterscotch coffee would actually taste like.
Felix&I snuck off for minty goodness and we took photos and things which actually turned out really pretty because of the winter wonderland.
Later Jacob Berry joined is, with the most charming jumper. Off to the park, like summer time plus the beer minus the fires. Ian Miller and Angela-Storm Woodroffe joined us and we had winter olympics. Soon after we went to the new cafe, which was wonderful really because they do 'white tea' yes! Thats right, it's tea but see through!
Luke Bolton, Jacob Walker and my favourite Sally Henshall were soon to join and fun was had.
Off to 'The Wellie' with veggie burgers all round and bottles of wine.
Dukebox was good all round with remincing about Panic Prevention and Angie S..
unfortunatly I had to get the last 5 to 7 bus.. 5 to 7.. last bus..
but it was nice when father was pleased to see me.

With all my extra time I am going to learn how to manipulate polariods properly and try to edit some of the things I wrote a long time ago and maybe one day, maybe people can see them.