Monday, 19 January 2009

snow is falling

oh how very excited I am.
I rather wish I was Missa
so we could go outside& dance a little while
like last time
only the snow is really much improved

I feel like I am from 1994 today
The cold weather calls for many a cup of tea

Saturday, 10 January 2009


I am being forced into applying for a provisional.
This means disaster ahead
beware citizens.
Coordination was never on my side.

I am growing fond of being a commuter.

Thursday, 8 January 2009

oh deer..

Following the recent 'messy 09' disasters I have learnt to split my time between more things.
The disapointment of missing the bus, then walking to the train station, then missing the train, then missing a bus just outside the train station, then actually getting on the bus and getting told off for being late was much better when at 12.15pm I came across Dan Cullen.
Then Jordan Chew, oh how delightful that was! It is nice seeing people you really like, it really is.
It was off to Bruccianis for us, beverages where consumed etc, Mr Cullen got a shady look for the amount of free biscuits he stole and I pondered for a while what Mr Chew's butterscotch coffee would actually taste like.
Felix&I snuck off for minty goodness and we took photos and things which actually turned out really pretty because of the winter wonderland.
Later Jacob Berry joined is, with the most charming jumper. Off to the park, like summer time plus the beer minus the fires. Ian Miller and Angela-Storm Woodroffe joined us and we had winter olympics. Soon after we went to the new cafe, which was wonderful really because they do 'white tea' yes! Thats right, it's tea but see through!
Luke Bolton, Jacob Walker and my favourite Sally Henshall were soon to join and fun was had.
Off to 'The Wellie' with veggie burgers all round and bottles of wine.
Dukebox was good all round with remincing about Panic Prevention and Angie S..
unfortunatly I had to get the last 5 to 7 bus.. 5 to 7.. last bus..
but it was nice when father was pleased to see me.

With all my extra time I am going to learn how to manipulate polariods properly and try to edit some of the things I wrote a long time ago and maybe one day, maybe people can see them.