Saturday, 28 March 2009

It's the saddest book you've ever read it always makes your cry..


This is my favorite book.
It is currently on loan to my good friend Ainsley,
but it is my favorite book.
We met once through my friends Daniel&Christoper, who by chance I met at the Mad Ferret.
It's a really nice story in fact. I said 'Oh Sally [the best friend] I want to go home & listen to Belle&Sebastian[music that was loud that I was not fond of was echoing in the background], a boy turned round and said 'Belle&Sebastian.. they are nice to listen to them, I went to see them with my mum.
It turned out to my jealousy he had been you the 'If You're Feeling Sinister' tour.
I really wished I had seen them, or they would go on tour soon.
Anyway now I accidentally moved to the same town (long story) and we are good friends.

It tells you not just about the band, but about their influences, and the growth of music as a whole. It includes information about Nirvana, The Smiths, The Velvet Underground and minimal techno.
About Stuart Murdoch's sad but beautiful life. About how he was trapped in four walls as a sufferer of M.E and how this lead to his exploration of music and skywriting.
He once wrote a story inspired by a French children's television programme about a boy named Sebastian and a girl named Belle.
Later at one of the first parties he attended after his dianosis, a new years eve party, he met a girl named Isabelle.
It was clearly fate. He became fixated with her, and wrote letters to his brother (whom knew not of the story, an artistic secret of course) and told him how he thought it was meant to be.
Murdoch was booked in to make a single on his own, however he gathered some friends from the past, and this new muse Isabelle and made 'Tigermilk' in only four days.
I think it is certainly worth a read, even if you do not know the band, it is simply magic.

if a a book could give you butterfly's, its would be this one for me.

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