Monday, 13 April 2009

I wish

I was Amelie Poulain.

My grandfather is getting married on Thursday and I am ever so excited.
The wife to be Eileen is kind and sweet.
We had a practice today and I have to walk her down, possibly the biggest isle in Lancashire.
We are all matching (the two other bridesmaids, my sister Aimee and cousin Dominique with dresses and curls and pearles and flowers in our hair.
I repeat I am ever so excited.

I am utterly contented and these last few days have been a delight.
Sally& I have pretended to be students and had ultimate best friend temps. We went in the woods with lizards in bags then visited Jacob and I found the neighbour watch in house scheme. 'Da boizzz' came over and we all had a lovely kitchen banter time with me and Jacob reminicing about Tony's disco.
The next day I visited my mother and got a huge easter egg with three boxes of chocolates, and visited my old work, that left me heartbroken when I was unfairly dismissed in summer. My boss was polite but semi insulted me over my choice of university.
Father gave me a HUGEEEEE easter egg and I was like this :)
'You can't go to bed no one can play you tunes like this!!' He is one of my favorite people ever.
Next day lead to sally coming over and us making things in bowls and Jacob and his brother and lead to a veggie BBQ with a lot of Beatles and Kinks being played.
Then off to beats, which was a curfufle but excellent excellent after a visit to warehouse I danced danced danced and was ever so contented.
I found a lot of nice people there.
Over all I am contented.

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Herbert Barry Woodrose said...

What a lovely day.

I love days like this. They just sort of... happen, and they are the days we remember long after we're dead. Colors and sounds. Laughter. What a lovely day.