Sunday, 5 July 2009

could be sleeping, i could be dreaming..

last night i found out that one of the members from my favorite band, Belle& Sebastian, is infact from my town!
magic is all i can say.
Sarah, the violinist is
'MOST LIKELY TO: Bring you back a present. Have everyone back to hers’. Possess the ingredients for a Long Island Ice Tea, or Absinthe if you prefer. Exceed her baggage allowance (on the Return journey). Suggest we all go for burritos. Be spotted in Ikea. Watch 3 series’ of The Sopranos in one sitting. Listen to american indie bands. Give you a lift somewhere completely the other direction from where she was going. Fawn over a dog. Go to Sweden. Suck her thumb.'

all i can say is, i wished i had kept up those violin lessons i started in year seven.

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Red Boots said...

I adore Belle and Sebastian, and what's funny is that I'm from Ayrshire, and I just found out on Saturday that Stuart is from Ayrshire too. x