Monday, 24 August 2009

One night in October....

Well the 22nd of August to be precise. Me and mon amis made a little trip to Franky's bar in Darwen (who's Franky?) to see the lovely Little Comets, along with support from Blackburn's favorites Cassini Club and Down In Paris.

Cassini Club arrived to the crowd, generally fueled from £1.40 pink sambuca and lemonades at about nine o'clock and everyone had a little boogie to their collection of tunes made to make everyone fancy going to the disco. They ended on their cracking new 'un 'The Future of You & I' and despite very recently getting a new drummer kept it on top form!


Soon after came the Down in Paris lads. From the perspective of a band i've seen a fair few times, they just keep getting better and better, giving all they've got everytime, and with the help of lead singers cheeky comments, they sure got the crowd up and going ready for Little Comets themselves.


Shortly after followed Searching For Seraphim, another band of boys from my hometown Blackburn. Unfortunatly, this time I missed them as I was most probably getting carried away with the sambucas. However they have it together with gigs in various towns in Lancashire and I've also been informed the capital. With support slots in the past including Tom Hingley and Sergeant they are surely worth checking out.

With all their attire set about the stage..

including tamborines and some strange form of hanging maraca's attatched to the ceiling with ropes, the band set off getting everyone up and having a giggle. My personal favorite was 'Dancing Song' which certainly fulfilled the promise of its title. With the girls at the front doing little moves and the boys going sick behind us, the surrounding crowd sure got their moves out too which made everyone lovely and happy.

I'd sure reccomend all three bands to anyone& everyone! Viva la Blackburn.

All photos are curtosy of the lovely Rebecca Morris.


Ben Taylor said...

err... viva la darwen!

Fianna Hornby said...

all the bands are from blackburn mostly..