Thursday, 31 December 2009

bye 2009..

It really has been a big year. I moved to Blackburn and has a wonderful time, then moved to London and now I'm all oldish and doing a degree and i'm meant to be publishing magazines for the rest of my life, i'm quite contented with that. I've bought too many cameras and made so many new good friends who make my life a little bit more delightful everyday.
Christmas has been and gone and I've seen many a nice old face, which has made me smile millions.
As for new years resolutions, I'm going to start writting and taking pictures more, budgeting (necissary!) and be nicer to people. This means i'll have to be less grumpy and include money for the homeless in my new budget.
I'm really excited for tonight because I'm going to a pop star themed party, a bottle of wine and being around my favorite gingers (well, two of them, ones in a Geordie) will be an excellent way to kick start oh tenny.

This is my favorite song at the moment..

and this is my favorite things to drink
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the man in pop boutique told me it was made by accident in manchester, i believe him.

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