Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Left this a bit late like..

I would like to tell the whole bloggers world about Haloween 2009.
It was all about preperation involving paint our faces with watercolours in a Zombie fashion, nipping to the boozer across the road for snacks and loo roll, visiting the cashpoint and ringing and ringing and ringing the party line.
At about half eleven one of us lucky buggars got through, we all jumped into three taxis and made our way to a carpet warehouse in Worsley.
I wasn't sure what it was going to be like to be perfectly honest, but as soon as I stepped under the metal shutters, I knew I was in for a proper treat.
People were stood all over the shop, on platforms touching the ceiling, steps, and I even saw some lads on top of a cloth covering some metal, which I can only guess they had convinced themselves it was a trampoline.
Blasting out the best of dub you wouldn't think it could better then being around all your friends up in the air like kites. That was until a cheeky little Ska band came on. I still don't know their name, but 'Guns of Brixton' which they changed to 'Guns of Manchester' I can safely say at the time made us the happiest people alive, despite the fact it completely doesn't fit, they had the spirit of the North.
The police were crashing the metal shutters to the Clash's 'WHEN THEY KICK AT YOUR FRONT DOOR, HOW YOU GONNA COME?' and we were on top of the world.
Then the police really did kick, and it got shut down, but it was a peaceful and lovely way to go, well what we thought, until we actually realised we were in Worsely, somewhere none of us know at five/six in the morning in the pouring rain. After a few hours of hailing taxis, we ended up in Sally's lovely and warm halls with broomsticks and other attire we had gathered on our little life journey.

Here's some videos

and these two did a much better job, certainly worth a read.

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