Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Make us a brew?

If you’re looking for a real greasy spoon though, this isn’t the place. On Greek Street, in London’s gay capital Soho lies probably one of the nicest day and early hangouts I’ve ever laid my eyes on.
If you just peeped at the outside, you’d defiantly wonder if you’d stepped out of W1 and into Paris. With all the Gingham tea cloths and lovely single flowers on the table, you are sure to be contented. The pots of tea are huge and the cakes, which are slightly pricy but covered in summer fruits, or chocolate, what ever you go for.
If it couldn’t get any better, when I wondered upstairs I stumbled on an exhibition by Sigur Ros’ lead singer J√≥nsi Birgisson and his partner Alex Somers' named ‘Riceboy Sleeps.’ The upstairs was covered in their art and had a lovely soundtrack blasting out of a tinny old radio.
Defiantly worth a visit.

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