Thursday, 29 May 2014

Pennine Panthers do the Race for Life

Everyone who knows me is aware that I've never ever been even slightly into exercise. In year six when I moved primary schools, I really used to hate going in to school on PE or games lessons days because everyone was so competitive and I really didn't think it was fun...

It's now time to say that has all changed. In the past month I've bought some trainers, joggers and even joined the gym, all in order to train to do the Race for Life in Heaton Park, Manchester on the 12th of July.

I am doing this race with six other ladies from my work under the name of 'Pennine Panthers.' Our team have mixed capabilities, none of us are particularly athletic but we are all going to try our best to push ourselves physically to achieve results for the great charity Cancer Research. 

I'm not going to write any more blogs about training because I feel like that would be boring to read but it would be great if sometime between now and July, you could have a think about sponsoring us. All donations will go to Cancer Research, to visit out JustGiving page you can click here.

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