Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Review: Viet Shack

First food blog of the fiannahornby blog! After re-establishing my blog love (see my explanation for the three year gap here) I was unsure what the theme was going to be..

That was until I heard about Viet Shack on Twitter this morning.. All the memories of the vietnamese food I used to eat in Dalston came back to me (bet you thought I was going to say something else!) I just had to pay a visit and it really gave me something to type about!

Viet Shack is possibly Manchester's newest street food stall, opening just yesterday (Tuesday 21st of May.) On visit, I met Nelson the lovely young owner who explained to me how his routes are firmly grounded in Vietnamese cuisine with his family owning the London restaurant Cafe East.

Rather than follow in his families footsteps and set up down South, Nelson thought the North deserved a well needed flavour injection and there Viet Shack spawned.. in our beloved Arndale Market. I've got to tell the truth, the food in the market is a bit hit and miss, there's the great Zorbas and Pancho's and the opposite with the unpalatable pancake stall. All things said and done, this has defiantly knocked the great ones off the top spot!

(Summer rolls, Viet Shack)

For starters I had the veggie summer rolls for just £2.50, I would normally go for prawn but due to the popularity of the newly opened street food shack, they were all sold out! Norman made me a concoction sauce of satay and chilli, which was a perfect accompaniment to the tasty summer rolls. I selected the sweet soy, which was also a detectable dip!

(Selection of sauces)

For my main I choose BBQ meats and rice and went for the pork option for a bargain £5.50. 

(Main of BBQ Pork & Rice, Summer Rolls and dips)

The scrumptious pork chops - griddled to perfection came with two sides; faultlessly cooked rice and a vietnamese salad with leaves, carrot and coriander. This whole meal truly was sensational! 

A must visit for anyone in Manchester., I'll defiantly be a regular after this visit, maybe I'll see you in there!

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